Everything GREAT About Captain Marvel! (Part 2)

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Captain Marvel created a divide between people. Let's fix it, eh? Or whatever, the alt title to this video would be Captain Marvel: Empathy.
Brie's speech about critics: frpost.info/project/vid-o/26i3r3Wmh5yCg2o
Brie's Google Questions Interview: frpost.info/project/vid-o/xYyxzIqsp9dpr4c
Brie's 'More Seats' Interview: frpost.info/project/vid-o/mH6z1aLPfKqChJk
Clark Gregg Calling Fans Butthurt: frpost.info/project/vid-o/sKjDmXTbeNuUanc
Charisma on Command: frpost.info/project/vid-o/r3qkx3fXepeDo4M
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Justanotherconsumer Il y a jour
I didn’t know about the controversy, went to the movie as a dad’s night out to get a break from baby, and enjoyed it. About Ant Man level of enjoyment - not life changing, but good popcorn accompaniment.
Alecro Il y a 3 jours
That part about “assumed familiarity” kinda hits the nail on the head, not gonna lie.
LinkMarioSamus Il y a 3 jours
The whole "controversy" surrounding this movie looks dumber and dumber the older the film gets. It reeks of a bunch of losers trying to simply foment controversy surrounding an actor's politics that have nothing whatsoever to do with the film itself.
Panda Club
Panda Club Il y a 7 jours
I have to say... my favorite part of this movie is definitely nice, funny, much more loose.
Sófis !
Sófis ! Il y a 18 jours
My family and I really enjoyed the film. We all watched it without really knowing the critics, but I kinda knew people would criticize it for being feminist. My mom doesn't really like superheroes and films out of this world, but she enjoyed the movie and she just found out that some people actually gave it some bad criticism
Khaled Mahamed BOUACHAT
Khaled Mahamed BOUACHAT Il y a 20 jours
the problem is simply that Marvel and all the people who worked on this movie labeled it as a feminist movie something that Wonder Woman and other female led movies didn't do
Attilaena Il y a 21 jour
I as an Australian wholeheartedly accept that win
FervantTwo8 Il y a 21 jour
I’m not a cunt by any means alright. and I can totally get behind the whole “we aren’t identified by physical characteristics but by our actions and our character” thing but through our this entire video your making yourself sound like a conformist. I don’t care about the political sides your were siding with. But if you have an opinion you feel is right mate, stand your ground
Vyan00 Il y a 23 jours
What Brie said about gender representation in movies was based on academic sources. She backed up her comment with facts. How people feel about it another issue. Frankly 95% of Hollywood has been dominated by men for 100 years. Bringing up the idea that maybe another 5% or 10% of movies could feature or focus on women is not a serious threat, but the fact that people treat and react to it like a huge insult tells you everything you need to know about who they truly are.
Richard Ramirez
Richard Ramirez Il y a 26 jours
Something just came to mind. So Carol Danvers looks kinda young in endgame, like she hasn't aged since her appearance in Captain Marvel. She was flying jets in 89, so she had to be at the very least early to mid 20's, so in Captain Marvel set in 95 she has to be between mid 20's to early 30's. And the time between her appearance in Captain Marvel and Endgame is 28 years which would put her at the youngest about early to mid 50's. So does she not age???
Antisocial Freak
Antisocial Freak Il y a 24 jours
Yeahh that bothered me a bit, I wish the movie took place after the events of Avengers 1.
DangerNoodle Il y a 26 jours
I have extremely good empathy in the terms of physical injuries, and I like to think I have good empathy, but I know that I still need to work.
lucky5th Il y a 27 jours
But how is not letting women fly in battle a "look how oppressed we were" thing? Keeping women off the battlefield was done for many reasons. Men are typically strong and better fighters. Having this as a policy saves time and money.
Mark Slater
Mark Slater Il y a 28 jours
I am that old that virtue signalling was called 'White Knighting' when I was middle aged - before then it was known as 'not being a pillock'. Yeah, hating something because it means you are not the pinnacle of whatever is always a loss. Cool thought piece, dude.
Master Dynamo
Master Dynamo Il y a 28 jours
Cinemawins: Female fighter pilots weren't allowed to fly combat until 1989! Me: *about to launch tirade about Soviet female fighter aces [not just combat ops, actual aces!] in WWII and beyond* Cinemawins: *puts little thing at the top that reads "in the USAF"* Me: False alarm, carry on.
Joey Bres
Joey Bres Il y a 28 jours
Hi, just posting this as a reminder that reverse racism doesn't exist. Brie Larson saying, "I don't hate all white dudes" is not equivalent to "I'm not racist, but..." because racism just does not go both ways. Racism is much more than a comment or a word. It's an institution that permeates our entire society and creates a platform that raises up white people.
EquestrianAngel:Curt Il y a mois
Ok...look i dont want to go into an essay of how the idea of gatekeeping is dumb and was created by people who themselves gatekeep to fans who have been around for years. For anyone who wants to know what i mean-look at appabends video on the subject-he puts it better than i ever could. But as a quick bit of summing it up. Gatekeeping is useless...unless someone holds a gun to your head-someone saying "you arent a true fan if you dont whatever" should just be ignored...cause let me tell you-if you let someone like that keep you away from trying a new piece of media-let me just say without a doubt...you werent that interested to begin with. Plus people who screech "gatekeeping" usually are people not actually enjoying the media the fans are and just looking to make everything media based be only in THEIR narcissistic interests. Look at Persona 5-people on resetera screeched about 2 gay characters because...they didnt act all angelic and perfect like they do...so its problematic and because they screeched 24/7 on twitter...many fans of persona 5 (including many gay people btw) said it was fine and not to change their vision and that its harmless-yet they got drowned out by twitter warriors and resetera people-hence when they changed it the atlus team said "fans" spoke out-and when people got rightfully miffed they werent being heard to leave it alone-they were told they were "problematic" for not agreeing with them and saying this game isnt for YOU anymore- its for US. Gatekeeping is a legit problem-but not in the way you think.
Dylan Boot
Dylan Boot Il y a mois
I wish all people, especially politicians, had your outlook on life/society... :) Kudos, sir!
General__memeous Il y a mois
Thank you for touching on Bree's perspective. I genuinely believe she's just coming off the wrong way, and it's sad to see such a strong response against her small mistakes
Quiwi Lin Lisolet
Quiwi Lin Lisolet Il y a mois
I have a little bit of a problem with this movie constantly saying she needs to keep her emotions in check. She's so damn stoic in the start that even us finns would say "hey you are allowed to show SOME emotion" and we are considered very stoic in general. Other than that the movie is ok. Pretty cookie cutter MCU, but if you are ok with that there's very little to hate
Quiwi Lin Lisolet
Quiwi Lin Lisolet Il y a mois
Just for record. I don't dislike that part because she is stoic. That's pretty cool to be honest. It's just that they keep making a point about her being too emotional all the time and she is not
CounterCrafter Il y a mois
13:24 Thanks, I.... didn't know what empathy was, yep, there, I said it
Matt Conklin
Matt Conklin Il y a mois
My dude you need to at least watch, if not win, that unicorn movie on netflix that stars Brie. It is campy Brie to the best degree
wajmgirl Il y a mois
People were okay with Gamora and Natasha because they were also “sexy”, with shampoo commercial curls, pouty lips, and plunging necklines. They were flirted with, flirted, and were pursued sexually/romantically. Actually, a majority of the ones you mentioned kind of lean that way.
vancubus Il y a mois
wow I love this channel almost as much cinema sins but I hate to say this you did sound preachie and you made it to much about women I don't care about sexisem I care about story and this story sucked the movie sucked the main actress sucked and that's what I think. BUT you did a great job on bringing the good points to a bad thing and sir I respect that more then anything. For that I still love this channel and what you do I give my congratz on giving me hope for our furtures.
Eugene Fetherman
Eugene Fetherman Il y a mois
So all that, and I just came so Carol could fuck up Endgame. I stayed, I listened, I understood. Carol came saw and conquered.
Pro Pittman
Pro Pittman Il y a mois
Wait....Win for the Solid Snake praise!!
Tava Daardendrian
Tava Daardendrian Il y a mois
Honestly I think a lot of people’s hatred of the film and character is because the negative hype around it sent people into theaters expecting to hate it. I could definitely be wrong, but if you go into a movie with knowledge of all the controversy you’ll see it in a different light.
Matt Drucker
Matt Drucker Il y a mois
The comment he deleted, wasn't that sarcasm?
Just Plain
Just Plain Il y a mois
He could have made a second account. To make a comment like that.
Carol Kioria
Carol Kioria Il y a mois
lucas and marcus
randomnetsurfer Il y a mois
THIS. This is why I love CWins. My most heartfelt
Thyson Phoenix
Thyson Phoenix Il y a mois
I kinda forced myself not to like the movie because my dad didn’t even though I really didn’t have a big problem with it, what I’m sorta saying is thanks for making the video which sorta removed me from my dad’s shadow
Ravi Il y a mois
14:23 ✔️
Jan Uhelj
Jan Uhelj Il y a mois
I love this video!
Iveta W
Iveta W Il y a 2 mois
I just wish you’d addressed how the “sides” view themselves. BC I understand how they view each other, no problem, but no I gotta know what they’re fighting For in their minds.
brewski118sempire Il y a 2 mois
As a white dude I often times have a hard time hearing the complaints of other "white dudes." This video did help me see the other side. I have always been one that tends to judge people too harshly for an action that would be deemed "bad." Thanks for this
McFly Games
McFly Games Il y a 2 mois
"... grounded in reality, with a supernatural finale" those two phrases don't belong in the same sentence
Literal Sarcasm
Literal Sarcasm Il y a 2 mois
I've always respected you, but now I admire you.
Tobbiscuits Gaming
Tobbiscuits Gaming Il y a 2 mois
Personally I live this film and now she has a foot hold in the universe, I cant wait to see what she does and how her character will develop. Yeah, there are some not so good moments in this film, but that's like any film in any universe. This film is very entertaining and I will never get bored of watching it.
Jennifer Beyer
Jennifer Beyer Il y a 2 mois
I love this movie and Brie. I think young girls find someone to look up too. And Captain Marvel and Brie are people girls can look up too. I love the snark that they show and Carol would not take anything from anyone. Also I like your comments about the movie. And the strong, intelligent, and powerful women in this movie are the ones who can be looked up to and emulated. I hope girls and young women will watch the 2 videos and movies, and understand that they are stronger than they think they are. And then try to be just as strong as these superwomen are. And do not let any one take away their power. Thank you. For the videos about this movie.
Ahmed Il y a 2 mois
i hate being politically correct.
Darren Sanderson
Darren Sanderson Il y a 2 mois
Something else to add on the whole comparison to Thor/Tony etc, and as a reply to the people saying "Tony's arrogance was punished, Carol's wasn't" Thor and Tony's arcs have revolved around "Person with a load of power (of one form or another) who love wielding it, and have the arrogant attitude to match, getting knocked down so that they can be better people". It's a story about realising your flaws, realising that you're not top shit superman who can do no wrong (oh Tony, the road to hell really is paved with good intentions =( ), and becoming better for it. Carol's arc was "Person with a carpload of power that is continually repressed, downtrodden and gaslit by the people around her so that she stops believing she's anything except weak, and deliberately suppressing and trying to remove the parts of herself that makes her her (like her emotions) so that she can be tolerated, learning that she's actually super powerful and her personality and emotions are things to be embraced, not suppressed" It's literally an arc about personal emancipation. Captain Marvel is a superhero skin over a movie about *escaping an abusive relationship*
Ikajo Il y a mois
Well said. As a woman I really like Captain Marvel. Because I'm also fairly stoic. I generally don't show much of my emotions and isn't very feminine. I have little care for how others view me. And Captain Marvel is similar, at least in my perception. Also... my favourite MCU character is Loki soooooooo....
Ronie Run
Ronie Run Il y a 2 mois
I think the guy @ 7:36 was troll
Tom Balls
Tom Balls Il y a 2 mois
I didn't know there was a controversy until I saw this video
dkaybee Il y a 2 mois
Just an aside - not every good actor or actress is a great public speaker. And even if they were, some of the events and press junkets they attend are hours or days long, exhausting, and they get the same questions and comments over and over again. I've been a sci-fi (read: Star Trek) fan since the 70's and have seen many of our beloved actors at conventions. More than one has shown up looking like they're about to collapse from jet lag, hasn't eaten in a day and/or with really serious cases of foot-in-mouth disease. When I see clips online of things someone said, I tend to take all that with a grain of salt.
Red Planet Studio
Red Planet Studio Il y a 2 mois
Everything great about John Carter
Flávio Monteiro
Flávio Monteiro Il y a 2 mois
Well... I just didn't like the movie that much... Especially things related to Nick Fury and Son of Coul. What's angry me is that I cannot say that aloud because it's make me "a white butthurt machist".
swithin egwuchim
swithin egwuchim Il y a 2 mois
Why does no one bring up the amazing take on young Nick Fury? . . . For me, that was the best part of the movie; I loved getting to see Fury not as a bad ass, all knowing spy but as a normal person who was in way over his head . . . Plus the eye patch explanation was just hilarious. 😂
swithin egwuchim
swithin egwuchim Il y a 2 mois
Why does no one bring up the amazing take on young Nick Fury? . . . For me, that was the best part of the movie; I loved getting to see Fury not as a bad ass, all knowing spy but as a normal person who was in way over his head . . . Plus the eye patch explanation was just hilarious. 😂
Mo Chann
Mo Chann Il y a 2 mois
One thing I think many people do is also confuse sympathy and empathy. You can empathize for someone but that doesn’t mean you’re ok with their actions in the end. You can empathize with Hitler, put yourself in his shoes and see what lead him to his choices. But that doesn’t mean you’re giving him symphony of understanding and feeling bad for him. You can empathize and still understand what he did was horrific and disgusting.
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Il y a 2 mois
You will find that women often have to say “I don’t hate men” when talking about things raising up women, just to make sure that the men don’t feel excluded. Next point😊
Exploding Mangos
Exploding Mangos Il y a 2 mois
Coming home from this movie as a girl and seeing someone who was like me- not sexualized or made out to be especially pretty or anything, just a girl living off of her own badassery instead of a romantic subplot- that was empowering. That was getting representation and seeing that I wasn’t a bitch for standing up for myself or I wasn’t weak for showing my emotions. That was determination and raw PRIDE and that had me on a high that my dad didn’t understand
Ella Il y a 3 mois
okay but to say that her powers are undeserved (and i know this isn't your opinion per say), i think neglects what she has been through to get to where she is. we here from monica that she didn't get along with her parents, which infers at least some sort of trauma. not to mention, the countless taunts and oppression she had to overcome during bootcamp and even training. maria even says that they weren't letting women fly in combat. that sort of oppression takes a toll on the body and the mind. don't even get me started on the trauma that she endured from the plane crash, memory wipe, and not being able to remember her past. i think to say that she doesn't deserve to finally know who she is and be herself does a diservice to captain marvel.
jude anne's *the candor channel*
jude anne's *the candor channel* Il y a 3 mois
19:47 Wow a lot of emotion in her face right here... Subtle wrinkles in her young brow...
jude anne's *the candor channel*
jude anne's *the candor channel* Il y a 3 mois
18:07 Neo is in. enneagram personality system terms a type number 9. Hence everyman. Young everyman, as 9s tend to be under developed. Interesting that he even looks like the 9 I know best, my son in law
Serah Olivia
Serah Olivia Il y a 3 mois
It's not that men can't handle a strong female superhero; it's that, from what I witnessed, they prefer the female superhero to be more like Wonder Woman (feminine warm kind and strong but willing to be on a team), or a rogue spy like our beloved Black Widow. The truth about Carol is she's arrogant and has every reason to be. She's strong AF and she knows and will use her strengths cunning and wit to out maneuver any opponent. She's stoic and serious about the missions just as Steve Rogers is in Endgame and the first Avengers movie. She's good on her own, and can take down entire armies on her own. While she doesn't really care about being on a team, she doesn't need one and makes it clear. Diana is a demigoddess. She is a literal otherworldly being, and so is Carol. They're both fiercely feminist icons. It just so happens that while Diana would be the softer more outwardly compassionate and kind female superhero, Carol is harshly blunt, hotheaded, arrogant, well trained, completely capable, and lets you know this up front. And it's this very trait, that she'll tell you exactly what you are and how much you do not mean to her or anyone in the grander scheme and not give a shit to the wind on how that makes you feel, is why a lot of people don't like Carol (or Brie). Carol only shows her vulnerable sides when she feels the safest, aka at the home of her best friend and fellow test pilot Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica. There is when you see her soften, lighten up, let the guard down and show her fear and pain. For those who didn't see this, it's because they didn't want to see it.
Joseph Breen
Joseph Breen Il y a 3 mois
I realize I'm really late to this party, but the point you're highlighting at around the 16-minute mark, that Danvers hasn't "earned" her spot on the roster after everyone else has been working so hard to defeat Thanos (even when they didn't know they were working to defeat Thanos), brings up a more interesting point. All of the people complaining that Danvers' inclusion in the MCU would invalidate the efforts of the established heroes, because Danvers was so OP and could easily defeat Thanos, were doing so without even knowing what role Danvers would actually play in Endgame. And, indeed, they were ignoring Marvel's established history of telling pretty solid stories within the MCU. They're absolutely right that making Danvers a big part of Endgame would have been some bad storytelling -- Danvers is too powerful, and could likely easily have defeated Thanos on her own. Which is exactly why Marvel didn't tell the story of Danvers coming in and sweeping the board of all of Thanos' pieces.
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Il y a 3 mois
cinema win without any wins for 3/4 of the video
Charlie E
Charlie E Il y a 3 mois
After the trailer came out I was surprised at a lot of the criticisms of Carol coming across as emotionless when I picked up what she was feeling quite well. One thing that bugged me though is when I kept on hearing comments about how the kree were telling Carol to suppress her emotions when the character wasnt showing that much emotion throughout the film and that somehow it was because Bree wasn't a good actor or it was an example of why the film was rubbish. Like I respect how people interpret how emotional or not emotional Carol comes across. However it is a very real thing for a person to be shut down and told they are been too emotional when they display the barest bit of emotion or say the 'wrong thing in the wrong way ' by someone who is in a more powerful position. The kree are being horrible manipulative scum on purpose everytime they tell Carol that she needs to be less emotional. The point is not that Carol is being too emotive it is that the kree are abusing her to maintain a position of power and control over her. She does not seem to recognise it for what it is until later in the film.
tezla actual
tezla actual Il y a 3 mois
So here's an idea...this isn't my favorite marvel movie...I can't put a finger on any specific aspect I just wasn't into it as I was with the others
LoneRanger Il y a 3 mois
PLEASE tell me you're gonna make a video on Atomic Blonde??
Bryan Woods
Bryan Woods Il y a 3 mois
I think Brie's comments weren't taken as joking or sarcastic because of the "agenda" they push. The public doesn't know her personally, so feminist jokes don't come off as jokes. It's just another iteration of "men are bad because they are men." It's like getting poked. It doesn't hurt, but it gets very annoying quickly. Yes, there are issues feminism is working to fix, but you can look at how things are worded and how people are speaking to see that modern feminism is more about raising women than equality. There are over 2000 women-only domestic abuse shelters in the US. Now how many just for men? Some are kind to say there are plenty in their area. Go check them out. I can almost guarantee you're looking at a homeless shelter. And if you say men can use co-ed shelters, the same can be said about women not needing a gender-exclusive shelter. Really think about how men aren't usually included in domestic abuse campaigns. That the media portrays female on male abuse as comedy. And that's only one issue. How many others that women face aren't including men? How many primarily affect men that just aren't being addressed or may even be blocked? People aren't seeing Brie's comments as humor for similar reasons why feminists don't see certain jokes as funny. There's a dark history that precedes it and is ignored.
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock Il y a 3 mois
“We still don’t get to define another persons experience or perception” This is a fact lost on our society in NA. Although all sides are guilty of it, right now white male society in particular, of which I am a part, has to this day provided the most egregious examples of this behaviour which has caused a great deal of larger social ills. People have issues that are exactly as big as they are, even if an observer cannot perceive its whole. There is a need for trust in what people tell you. When they describe their experiences, express their frustration, let the words they say stand on their own. Don’t filter them and spout them back after you’ve made them palatable to your own sensitivities, for that degrades the other’s humanity. It holds them in contempt and devalues their own life. Acceptance is not fun; it is not easy. It means allowing uncomfortable truths to be truths. It may mean wrestling with concepts and viewpoints that contradict everything you know of your own life, and yet it doesn’t negate what you know. It instead exposes you to what they know. It is an act of maturity to take that, accept its reality, and begin to adjust your view of the world in the light of new information.
Cedrik Adryan
Cedrik Adryan Il y a 3 mois
Why not have a strong female lead without being a femenist. Just be good at your job and don’t ruin it with a politic agenda. As a contrast, look at scarlet Johanson.
Jerrod Tibor
Jerrod Tibor Il y a 3 mois
Freaking awesome. I like your safe middle ground! I have my opinion on the whole controversy, and it's a very strong opinion, but I do think that the political brouhaha around Captain Marvel really changed perceptions of the movie, and if rumors are true, even changed how the final battle in Endgame played out (ie. a lot of Carol's scenes were left on the cutting room floor). Politics are important, but what we had with Captain Marvel wasn't really politics, it was a no holds barred smackdown. I'm embarrassed to admit I was part of that. In the end, it didn't do anybody, any good. Nobody was enlightened, educated, or inspired by the debate around Captain Marvel. It just drove a wedge deeper between Side A & Side B. There was a complete & total lack of EMPATHY in the whole business, all the screaming just drowned out whatever calmer voices might have been saying.
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter Il y a 3 mois
See, I can understand the actual non-bigoted contention people had with this movie. Yes, Carol/Vers is unlikable, she's OP for seemingly no reason. I get it, and even watching this movie myself, I felt that it was pretty cheesy/basic. But guys, it's a comic book movie. Have you ever read a comic book? They're founded on basic cheesiness (I jest, this is 100% exaggerated, but I've never understood why comic book heroes felt the need to advertise their moniker 5 times per battle). But honestly, I felt that Carol's characterization was very deliberate & well thought out & played, though not well received. She DOES show emotion guys, it's just been downplayed due to 6 years of Kree training. Of COURSE she's cocky, especially when she gets to earth, she knows that she's capable of some pretty badass stuff that most humans aren't. Yes she is human, but she's been surrounded by the Kree's bigotry for what she can remember. Of COURSE she's going to be cocky & see herself as above other humans. But once she realizes the truth about herself, the Kree, the Skrulls, & Dr. Lawson, she changes. For me, I think the best way to get behind Carol is by looking at her as a parallel to Monica. Compared to the rest of her Kree teammates, Carol seems very immature & unlikable. But think of it this way: her memory was wiped. She had no idea who she was, how the world/universe worked, & she basically became a fully grown super powered child. When I looked at her actions & words throughout the movie, what I saw was a Kree teenager in the body of an adult human. She's only undergone Kree teachings for 6 years - beyond that, she knows nothing. Her humor seems childish next to the demeanor of the other Kree. The idea that "Vers" is really just a Kree child comes to a head when we see Carol interact with Monica. When she 1st meets the Rambeaus as Vers, Carol connects much more readily with Monica than Maria. Once she remembers, there is a priceless connection between Maria & Carol (Danbeau needs to be canon, don't tell me otherwise), but who Carol has become seems to continuously fit best alongside Monica. Once I started looking at Carol's character that way, I felt that what we saw in the movie made more sense, & just fit. I also just find the idea of it really intriguing, intentional or not. But yeah.
blackstar838 Il y a 4 mois
can you plis do everything great about kung fu pandu 3
Neal Nachman
Neal Nachman Il y a 4 mois
2 Things 1. I may have been one of those people who truly enjoyed Captain Marvel from the start. Maybe it was my 90's nostalgia that helped but I think the 4 primaries (Brie, Ben, Sam and Jude) all had very good performances and I liked Bries Snarkiness . 2. you have to tell us which top 3-5 movies you hated but you did one of these anyhow as well as the same for movies you loved but most people didn't like. i am curious.
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Il y a 4 mois
I didn’t know any of the drama she was involved in
Lauren Nicole
Lauren Nicole Il y a 4 mois
I didn’t like this movie and For multiple reasons but I wasn’t invested or even liked the character of captain marvel. I know it’s not the actors fault that’s silly
Julia Johnson
Julia Johnson Il y a 4 mois
Can you do the hobbit movies? I know those are some people’s favorites!
Noah Uher
Noah Uher Il y a 4 mois
Personally, I make an effort to keep the off-screen lives of actors/actresses and their on-screen rolls separate. I'm not interested in their politics, I'm just here to watch a movie and have a good time. Serious stuff aside, the thing I'm most upset about is that in the stick figure bit, you put a picture of Tom Cruise on Tom, put didn't put a picture of someone named Joe on Joe.
Lane Minor
Lane Minor Il y a 4 mois
Cinemawins, I love you man, but the villain was not the best thing. At least for me. In Guardians of Galaxy 1 we see the Kree. They are racist villains, who don't advocate for Ronan but won't decry him either. And Ronan is a Kree. He might only believe the old ideas of the Kree, but the point is we have been exposed to the Kree before Captain Marvel. So we know they are bad already. It wasn't a twist because... we know they are bad. We even see the black guy who joins Ronan later on, and Ronan himself. So... no. Not the best part about the movie. Also, the emotion part just was not highlighted enough. I understand that "her emotions make her powerful" explanation you gave, and a agree that the filmmakers were going for that. BUT, I firmly believe they were also trying to illustrate a "women are powerful" scene. And for the rest of the film, they did not properly work on the "emotion makes you powerful" thread. Instead, they show multiple instances of men being rude to her, and her being strong and standing regardless. That's the problem here. Having Carol stare at the audience, when the context for every scene shown of her standing has been "Men/boy is mean, Carol is strong anyways" trumps that "emotion makes you powerful" line. Because the only thing the movie has shown is her being resilient in the face of men. It's not shown her using her emotions to be strong, the movie has shown her defiance for men making her strong. The message is muddied, the direct stare to the audience breaks the illusion of a film, and the earlier promotions of "a feminist movie" creates a disposition for it because this feminist message is forcibly injected into the movie. I admit my first run through of the movie was influenced by the controversy surrounding it, and the fact that it was the first MCU movie after a drought. But I still don't think the movie is good. It relies heavily on nostalgia, both from the 90's and from the MCU (Ronan reference, that black Kree reference, Fury's eye, Tesseract, Avengers initiative). It has a twist villain that doesn't work. It has an amnesia story that drops off when it is no longer needed to service the plot, as there are no scenes about her past life after she meets her friend until the big standing scene. It has a few retcons that just... don't work (Fury knowing about aliens before Thor, how Fury lost his eye), and it changes Captian Marvel's origin story significantly from how it was in the comics, going from "Kree tech explosion caused her powers" to "Tesseract Explosion caused her powers" for no real reason other than "hey look, the Tesseract". And it has a good message that isn't fully integrated into the rest of the film or fully realized.
ava and haley
ava and haley Il y a 4 mois
i love the contrast between this channel and cinemasins. i love how you constantly talk about your personal life and actually open up and your optimistic outlook on everything. your videos seem more like video essays rather than commentary if that makes sense
Kaos1391 Il y a 4 mois
When this movie was first announced. I didn't really have any interest in seeing it. Not because it was a female lead or any of that stuff. It was more for me as I did not know anything about Captain Marvel. I saw the trailer and thought. Well this would be interesting to see. I didn't even hear any of the stuff Brie has said or even honestly know what she said. My friend and I saw this and he hated Brie. I came into the theater with no expectation and I enjoyed this movie. I still do I thought it was a good origin story for Fury. We got a good reason as to why Captain Marvel hasn't been around all this time. Even in Endgame the heros who have been in this fight longer see Carol as a cocky new person. But she even say "the rest of the universe doesn't have you guys to help." While I don't think this is the best MCU movie it was a good filler between Avengers 3 and 4 and I did enjoy it. Mainly wanted to see it to keep up with the MCU.
Wil Ward
Wil Ward Il y a 4 mois
I never even knew there was a bit of controversy with Brie Larson, but when I first saw this movie I looooved it. I also thought Brie Larson perfectly portrayed Captain Marvel being hilarious. I always look past the fact this movie is filler because of how much I love it.
Maggie A
Maggie A Il y a 4 mois
I love a strong female superhero. Brie is a cheesey actor. I just don't like her. She's like Tom cruise, nails on a blackboard.
Can Doğan
Can Doğan Il y a 4 mois
I know I'm a year late the leave a comment and probably no one will even read this but I still wanted say something. I did enjoy this movie, I didn't think it was bad. But that's all I could say about, it wasn't bad. As a kid I've only read the X-Men comics and I can understand what some fans would feel about it. It took me a lot of time to be able to objectively watch the whole X-Men series. And I still the original trilogy was "meh" at best. And about everything that is going on about Brie Larson, I honestly don't think I can say anything about it. I don't live in the US or Europe, I didn't live in a society that has been through all this. All I can say is about her acting and I didn't think it was bad. I honestly try to isolate the actors from the characters they play as much as possible so there is also that. Just wanted to say that, hope someone else also watched and enjoyed the movie. It's not that bad imo.
Marc St-Jean
Marc St-Jean Il y a 4 mois
Brie's vocal fry is the only major problem with this movie.
Matt Wong
Matt Wong Il y a 5 mois
I don't understand the argument of Captain Marvel being overpowered when she's like that in the comics. And if we're talking about overpowered characters, we can say the same thing about Shazam and Superman
Absolute Unit
Absolute Unit Il y a mois
The problem is that the majority of Marvel movies underpower their heroes. Strange, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, hell even Thanos are deliberately held back so as to keep the world more....lets say grounded. Captain Marvel on the other hand is at almost complete strength to the point that the nerfed universe has literally no threats for her except cosmic level beings that we don't even know exist in said universe.
lily Il y a 5 mois
captain marvel is one of my favourite mcu films and for me theres nothing wrong with it at all and the backlash the film got really frustrated me but you explained the reasons people dislike it so well it doesnt bother me anymore!! youre very neutral and unbiased and EMPATHETIC and its refreshing to see
Ikajo Il y a 6 jours
I always becomes annoyed when people just keep on hating this movie. And hating Captain Marvel. I don't.
Josie Cunningham
Josie Cunningham Il y a 5 mois
I love this movie, it's Marvel's movie. Plus I love cats.
Robert Shields Jr.
Robert Shields Jr. Il y a 5 mois
I honestly think this film would have done better if it had taken place before infinity war, but from a long form story telling view point it was well done. Not the best but not the worst, which is par for the course in a media that is over saturated with the Comic Cinematic universes' at times. Brie being angry is fine and acceptable, and considering when you face problems 24/7 it can be easy to forget or not realize when someone is being genuine in their questions or in trying to be an ally to the cause, so her lashing out is understandable, but it doesn't help when its the go to stance. Sometimes change can be made from small simple things that are covert and other times you have to be loud and heavy handed. I don't know I just hope that people calm down and learn to take a breath and SEE each other.
Richard Pisano
Richard Pisano Il y a 5 mois
I think that maybe you found out why she didn't take down Thanos,but a great Captain Marvel,oh he'll yeah!! Cool program,thanks bro!!!
Triple Demz
Triple Demz Il y a 5 mois
Is one of the Carols that stands up the girl from 'gifted' that Chris Evans is quite close to?
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau Il y a 3 mois
yes. mckenna grace. she has appeared in a lot of shows and movies as the young version of the protagonist.
J Covers
J Covers Il y a 5 mois
I love your take on this idea, not only this movie. To look at all sides and be understanding to both is super important! That is how I try to look at things as well.
Indecision Il y a 5 mois
I was not expecting to see such an profound, well articulated message on a channel that I had assumed would just have some light hearted content and nothing more. In retrospect, I shouldn't be surprised that someone who's stated goal is to look purely at the positive in movies would also apply that philosophy to other aspects of his life.
Bryan Francisco
Bryan Francisco Il y a 5 mois
This was the one video, where you truly became someone I respect. Thank you for sharing your heart and emotions and thoughts! I really appreciated it :)
Jasper Lee
Jasper Lee Il y a 5 mois
Is it too late to say that you should do Everything GREAT About The Matrix?
Jet Lag
Jet Lag Il y a 5 mois
People: She's too powerful! Thanos: Watch me punch her with an Infinity Stone.
Jet Lag
Jet Lag Il y a 5 mois
@Matt Wong my guess is because those people are men
Matt Wong
Matt Wong Il y a 5 mois
I don't understand that complaint since you can say the same thing about Superman, Shazam, and Thor
Krysta Morse
Krysta Morse Il y a 5 mois
I had zero idea who Bri Larson was prior to this movie, I hate all actors in general, so I didn't really know about the interviews. I really enjoyed this movie but my favorite marvel movie isn't this. Its not even my fav female empowerment character. I still really liked this movie.
AlphaAreus Il y a 5 mois
“All the Aussies in my audience, take a win” This made me feel so validated.
MCUcollector24 Il y a 5 mois
Loved the perspective and opinion
S1m0ne Il y a 5 mois
You know what. Good review, but. Yup, but. But you're wrong about sexism. There are a LOT of people who genuinely don't like Captain Marvel or who don't like Brie Larson precisely because it's a strong woman playing a strong female hero lead character. And there are LOTS of them in these comments. You missed them because you're looking for someone who *knows* they're a sexist bigot and wears it on their sleeve like a swastika. Most of the sexists don't realize they're sexist. Sexism is a bias and most people are completely unaware of their biases. Like you, they write reviews about how "it's not because she's a woman, it's because her power feels unearned" - even though the entire movie is about her earning that power. What is it about her struggle or the opposition she overcomes that makes it less valid? Could it be because the opposition she faces is a kind you can't identify and therefore don't appreciate or even recognize? Maybe her final scene with Jude Law was written specifically for you. What does she tell him? Oh yeah, "I have nothing to prove to you."
Ikajo Il y a 6 jours
@Matt Wong Even is she is overpowered I think it is time for a female character to _be_ overpowered. I mean, there are soooooo many stories of op male characters. In books, manga, anime, movies and TV-shows
Matt Wong
Matt Wong Il y a 5 mois
I don't understand why Captain Marvel being overpowered is an issue when there are superheroes like Thor, Superman, Shazam, and Quicksilver from the X-Men films
Delphine KS
Delphine KS Il y a 5 mois
Your video is really interesting, but i think you're missing the point of how Alita and Wonder Woman conforted "white dudes" in their vision of women, because they were presented with mostly feminine traits and attitudes, whereas carol was presented, unconciously maybe, with more of a male attitude. And this, this doesn't reassure "white dudes" who, and i speak for experience, feel easily threatened by women who dare too present the same traits as them like carol did, cocky and confident.
nick murphy
nick murphy Il y a 5 mois
They should've made her a big part of endgame, given her a short "last last resort" style backstory. Then release this movie as is after endgame like with black widow.
JDR156 Il y a 5 mois
NGL, up until this review I hated Brie Larson for what she said. Now, not so much.
SiaLater Il y a 5 mois
You hated her for what she _actually_ said or the her words that were twisted by multiple different people so it’d be easier to hate on.
Hana Dunn
Hana Dunn Il y a 5 mois
You definitely laid it all out for someone who was both unaware of the controversy surrounding this movie and for that I thank you. Though the only thing that concerned me was the deal with Goose, the adorable orange alien cat. Basically I am more concerned with more explanation behind Goose than the nonsense controversy surroundingthis movie. I had more issues with Ray from the new Star Wars movie series than Captain Marvel.
J Bizzle
J Bizzle Il y a 5 mois
4:32 "every movie is someone's favorite" everyone I know thinks Ghost Rider is awful but I could go on and on and on and on about how awesome it is
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba Il y a 5 mois
One thing I've been trying to do lately is this: separate the art from the artist. Try to understand that Brie Larson isn't Captain Marvel, she's just playing her as an actor. (Just using her as an example. I didn't know about the Twitter controversy when I saw it in theaters.) I can like a song but not necessarily the person who wrote it. Just because I like "I Believe I Can Fly" doesn't mean I like R.Kelly. (which I don't)
Nicholas Ziemba
Nicholas Ziemba Il y a 3 mois
@Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau I was just using him as an example. Valid point though. Also how're Mark and Danny?
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau Il y a 3 mois
except your comparisons aren't entirely valid, r kelly is a pedophile rapist who harmed a lot of women and brie just ruffled some feathers because of her progressiveness.
SimplySimon Il y a 5 mois
My issue with this movie isn’t that it is displaying strong women. My issue is, that it is shoving feminism into my face. It’s too on the nose. I feel like it wasn’t the goal to make a film about Captain Marvel but a film with a feminist message. Look at Wonder Woman. It starts with an Island full of strong women but the soundtrack isn’t all female singers, and it feels way less obnoxious. I could watch Wonder Women over and over again because it has a good story, nice fleshed out characters an a good vibe in general. Captain Marvel, same as Black Panther by the way, feels like it just exists to push an agenda. I have no problems with the cast, most of them nail their parts. But as stated above, it’s not a movie that I’ll watch over and over again. Which is sad, because the MCU has some very strong women in it. I mean what’s not to love about Wanda Maximov and Natasha Romanov. In my opinion they’re handled perfectly. And this is coming from a gay man by the way.
steven-andrew maxwell
steven-andrew maxwell Il y a 5 mois
this movie's problem, problem not grave, is that it couldn't be a full plot, so it tried to hit everything else. the movie has no end, the big bad gets away and even the imminent threat just leaves, because we know he shows up in GoTG. so this movie suffers from being a prequel, not its fault. to make up it is a feminist inspiration movie (that's not bad, like wonder woman), a 90 period piece (like fresh prince), a buddy cop movie (like lethal weapon or die hard 3 [who was in that again?]), a military movie (like top gun, big departure from the rest of the MCU, even captain america dispelled military actions), and an alien story (like green lantern). this movie was used to fill a gap but it didn't work on its own, it will probably age better as the franchise moves forward, and I love brie Larson, but the movie comes short as a film and then just shoves as much as possible in to make up, it does her an injustice as a character and actor.
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